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Destiny Charter Schools is an independent co‐educational day school, drawing on the strengths and ethos of the Christian religion. The School enrolment is currently about 600 students from ages 13 to 18.

Selecting the school that is right for your child is very important decision and we believe that a personal visit is invaluable. We very much hope that you and your child will visit Destiny Charter Schools. We hold two Open Days per year in March and August that give a general introduction to the school. We are also happy to take prospective parents and their children on a tour of the campus at other times. Please contact our Admissions department ( for more information or to arrange a visit.

Parents should be aware that Destiny Charter Schools is a busy environment, where individuals' talents and aspirations are nurtured. We are a place where a values-led vision for holistic education is enshrined. In practice this means that every facet of a child’s development is embraced, and students are expected to participate in a range of co-curricular activities in the sporting and cultural arena. Busy students who are engaged by a full school programme thrive here.

Various compulsory weekend and late-evening activities support our commitment to this holistic education.


Destiny Charter Schools attracts students with outstanding attributes in the areas of academic, sport and cultural achievement, and who display overall qualities of good citizenship and leadership.

Candidates must have submitted an enrolment application form and paid the R300 enrolment application fee in order to be considered for a scholarship. Applicants will be notified in January of their Grade that they may apply for a scholarship.

Criteria for entry

We do not require a child to write an entrance examination to qualify for admission into Destiny Charter Schools. However, the child's school report is scrutinised and we request a confidential report from the child's primary/current school. For example, Grade 8 applicants will need to pass Grade 7 and be the appropriate age to be considered for admission. We reserve the right to assess candidates for further clarification of ability if required eg. immigrants, homeschooled, individuals. The School Admissions department obtain a credit reference from the candidate’s current school. After reviewing the reports and feedback, we then schedule an interview for both child and parents with the School Headmaster.

Applicants moving from a learning assisted environment will need to supply a recent Educational Psychologist's report confirming they are ready to mainstream.

Religious beliefs

Destiny Charter Schools is a Christian school that does not select for entry on the basis of religious belief. It is important to note, however, that all students are expected to respect the distinctive Christian ethos of the School and to attend our School services, without having to feel obliged to convert to Christianism.

Timelines and Process

We recommend that you apply for a place at Destiny Charter Schools when your child is in at least Grade 3 or Grade 4. Early application will increase your child's chances of securing a place.


  1. Complete and submit an enrolment application form together with the required documentation to
  2. Your application will be acknowledged and placed on the waiting list in accordance with the admissions policy.
  3. We recommend you attend at least one Open Day (annually, usually in March and August)
  4. You will be contacted in the first quarter of your child’s Grade 7 year to schedule an interview with the headmaster or deputy heads.
  5. Based on your application credentials, interview, confidential report from your child’s current school and credit check, you may receive a place offer.
  6. On acceptance, and in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Independent Education Board (IEB), you will be required to pay a deposit equivalent to one term’s tuition fee. This deposit is fully refunded to you when your child completes matric.

The following rules and regulations have to be agreed to, signed and returned to DESTINY CHARTER SCHOOLS before your child can be admitted to this institution. By signing this agreement you bind yourself to commit to live by them for the duration that your child is in our Institution.

  1. The parent agrees to accept the decision of the Principal in all matters relating to the school organization and disciplinary issues, and such decisions shall be binding and final. This relates to matters like general learner/s conducts ie punishments, suspensions and expulsions from the school.
  2. The Principal may require the parents to withdraw their child from the school as of immediate effect depending on the seriousness of the irregularity by the learner or where it is of the interest of the school
  3. All learners are required to attend morning assembly at designated days and when required to do so by the school.
  4. All learners are required to behave absolutely well at all times in and out of school. Every learner is supposed to behave in a manner that does not bring the school to disrepute. This therefore serves to notify the parents and guardians of the registered learners that any learners caught in the acts of smoking, drugs, alcoholism, fighting, gambling or use of any other intoxications or unacceptable behavior that is counter to morals values expected of the learners will be punished accordingly or may face suspension or expulsion.
  5. Our endeavor as an Institution of academic excellence is to produce responsible citizens that shall transform our communities positively.
  6. All learners are expected to be in school on each school day Saturdays or holidays as may be contemplated by the school. If a child has to be absent from school, the written permission has to be sought out from the Principal or his designee.
  7. Smoking, drinking of alcohol or taking in of drugs or being in possession of them, possession of cigarettes is strictly forbidden and we run a ZERO TOLERANCE in this area. SIGNATURE …………………………………………..
  8. The Principal reserves the right to delegate authority to an appointee to punish pupils when necessary to do so. (Corporal punishment is strictly forbidden) unless otherwise requested by the offender and will be done within acceptable limits.
  9. All hairstyles must be kept formal. No use of tongue rings, dreadlocks, long painted nails, use of jewelry will be acceptable.
  10. This is an English medium school, and use of vernacular language while not in a vernacular lesson is a punishable offence.
  11. All learners are expected to do all their school work in honest at all times and will be expected to refrain from unnecessary corridor movements at all time. No learner will be allowed to leave the school premises during learning hours without a written permission from an authorized person.
  12. The Principal reserves the right to detain pupils for misconduct, bad behavior or incomplete work.

DECLARATION: In registering my child at DESTINY CHARTER SCHOOLS I agree that I and my child are bound by the rules and regulations of the Institut

  • GRADE 4-7
  • R88 980
    per Year
  • R300 - Reg
  • R7 415 - Monthly
  • R88 980 - Annual
  • R3 559.20 - Discount
  • GRADE 8
  • R108 240
    per Year
  • R300 - Reg
  • R9 020 - Monthly
  • R108 240 - Annual
  • R4 329 - Discount
  • GRADE 9-12
  • R110 160
    per Year
  • R300 - Reg
  • R9 180 - Monthly
  • R110 160 - Annual
  • R4 406 - Discount

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