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Mon-Fri 4:00AM - 21:00PM
Sat-Sun 3:00AM - 22:00PM
In class by appointment only!


Destiny Charter Schools is built on a mutual partnership between parents, educators and learners. We uphold Simplicity, Integrity, Respect, Accountability & Performance (SIRAP).

Destiny Charter Schools

Destiny Charter Schools is an independent school offering tuition to learners from Grade R - Grade 12.

The flagship school was founded in 2014 and is superbly located in the heart of Johannesburg. The school is the first of the planned group of independent schools.

The primary strength of the school is the outstanding teaching culture, small classes, coupled with a friendly and caring learning environment.

No student is allowed to become lost in the crowd, we recognize that each learner is unique, carries the parent’s vision and above all has own endless dreams about the future. Hence at Destiny, it’s “Where dreams get real”

Destiny Charter Schools prides itself on providing a balanced approach to educating and developing your child in preparation for life in the modern global village.

Our learners work hard, aim high and achieve outstanding academic standards; but they’re also given a wealth of exciting developmental opportunities in various extra mural activities that include music, drama, art and sport so they can discover their abilities.

We know that to get the best out of a child, both in terms of learning and their personal development, they need to feel supported, listened to and secure; and above all enjoy learning. Your child is not treated just as a number but a learner with unique gifts that need to be matured, grow and refined.
That’s exactly what we do for our learners in helping them develop into confident and articulate individuals.

Our Culture

All children are unique and learn in different ways and at different rates; our highly qualified staff and our generous staff ratios enable us to cater for the needs of each individual and to focus on specific areas of child development.

School Governing Body

The School Governing Body (SGB) is the key strategic decision-making body of the school. It is responsible for setting the school’s strategic framework, ensuring that the school has a long-term strategic vision.

The governing body agrees the strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school and agree the policies, plans and targets for how to achieve them. They check on progress and review regularly their strategic framework for the school in the light of that progress.
The Role of the SGB includes:

  • Building a productive and supportive relationship with the Head teacher/ Principal while holding him/her to account for school performance and taking hard strategic decisions in the light of objective data;
  • Ensuring that the staff has the necessary skills, competency and capacity to discharge its responsibilities, including challenging the school to bring about improvement and hold leaders to account for performance and discipline.
  • The Governors undertake tits duties through a series of meetings held on a quarterly basis, at least four (4) times per year.
  • The governing body delegates the responsibility of managing the school to the Principal and his SMT and ensures that plans that are set, implemented and monitored are approved by the SGB.
  • Approving the strategy and policies developed by management.

Executive Management

  • Responsible for the day to day running of the school.
  • Dealing with the quality and standards of education throughout the school.
  • Monitoring the performance of the school and reviewing the school curriculum.
  • Ensuring that the school complies with the regulatory requirements.

Ensuring that resources are used in compliance with the regulatory requirement.




A vision of Mhlanga brothers....



School bought its own 4 floors building,..



Destiny Charter Schools Grade 12 received 97% pass rate



Destiny Charter Schools Grade 12 received  100% pass rate



ABSA bank donated 30 computers for the school lab..



Destiny Charter Schools Grade 12 received  100% pass rate

  • We developed a well functional website with online portal and student registration..
  • Department of Education sponsored Destiny Charter Schools with stationary, transport facility and furniture.
  • We expanded our services by developing a boarding facility for Grade 12 and Tertiary students.


To be the leading group of independent schools offering competitive education to learners from various backgrounds at an affordable fee.

Our Mission

Destiny Charter Schools aims to establish strong academic foundations, achieve outstanding examination results at all educational phases and engender a mature and independent attitude vital for taking advantage of life’s opportunities.

Destiny Charter Schools Boarding School Project 2020 In our line of expansion policy and following the numerous requests by some parents for our School to introduce an institution where learners can be able to get boarding facilities, we here with have an intent to launch our first Boarding School in Moderfontein in 2020.
We hope that our society has become too polluted by a culture of unsocial norms that have left our society in a limbo.

In that Note, Destiny Charter Schools would like to introduce a world class Boarding School in 2020.
While this project is at an advanced stage, we advise all the interested parents to register their children as soon as possible. The Boarding School will start with Grade 5— 12
We won’t register students to grade 12 but will take only learners who have been promoted from our Main Campus in Johannesburg Central. Register NOW. For more info contact us on: 076 331 8450

Our Educators

A team of highly trained and professional educators who are registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE) is responsible for learning and teaching in the school.
They ensure that no assumptions are made about a learner’s capabilities, previous knowledge, understanding, and ensure that learning is delivered in a step-by-step manner. The teaching style aims to be positive, encouraging and sympathetic to the challenges which learners encounter.

Mr. S Mkhize


Human Resource Manager, Teacher

Mrs. C Matikiti

HOD Languages


Miss M Motholo

HOD Humanities


Miss N Dube

Head Primary


Mr. Emo

Science HOD


Mr. Noel

Chief HOD


Miss. R Mokoena

HOD Senior Phase


Mr. A Sibanda

HOD Commercial


Miss N Mhlanga

Sports HOD


Miss Z Khalishwayo


Mr. Roy Matikiti


Ms A Khumalo


Mr. S Maposa


Mr. P Sithole


Miss N Maduna


Mr. S Itai


Miss A Khumalo


Miss S Mdluli




It is the policy of Destiny Charter Schools, herein referred to as DCS and/or the Company, to expect conduct of the highest standard from all learners at schools managed by Destiny Charter Schools. This includes conduct in the classroom, on the sports field, during all school events, on the school campus and at any other time where a learner will, through association, be representing the image of such a school or DCS in general.
This policy is drafted within the legislative framework of, amongst others:

1.1 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
1.2 South African Schools Act No 84 of 1996
1.3 National Education Policy Act No 27 of 1996

This policy provides a suitable environment to accommodate learning excellence.
This policy prescribes certain responsibilities to the stakeholders in this policy and should
stakeholders not adhere to these responsibilities, the school has the right to implement
disciplinary procedures in line with the school disciplinary policy.
In general, this policy expects all stakeholders to uphold the principles of integrity, honesty,
respect, high morals, consideration for others, good manners and punctuality.

This policy is applicable to all educators, learners, parents of learners, guardians acting on behalf
of learners and sponsors responsible for the payment of school fees on behalf of learners.
2.1 It is the responsibility of the school to:
2.1.1 Ensure that copies of the code of conduct will be kept by the executive head and the administrative department and that learners and parents/guardians will have free access to the code of conduct.
2.1.2 Should a learner request a copy of the code of conduct, he/she will be supplied with
a copy free of charge.
2.2 It is the responsibility of educators to:
2.2.1 Ensure that all stakeholders are at least annually made aware of the content and implementation requirements of this policy.
2.2.2 Ensure that the provisions of this policy are enforced.
2.2.3 Make available to learners, parents/ guardians this code of conduct, or any other policy of the school, when requested to.
2.2.4 Implement and apply the code of conduct equally and fairly.
2.3 It is the responsibility of learners to:
2.3.1 Familiarise themselves with the contents of this code of conduct.
2.3.2 Sign a copy of the acknowledgment attached as Addendum A to this policy confirming that he/she has received this code of conduct and agrees to adhere to it.
2.3.3 Comply with instructions from educators and the general rules of the school.
2.3.4 Behave responsibly and not endanger the safety and welfare of others.
2.3.5 Respect and care for the property of the school and others.
2.3.6 Maintain sound relations with others at school, be courteous and respect the dignity and self-worth of others.
2.3.7 Be punctual and observe the timekeeping practices of the school.
2.3.8 Behave honestly and conduct themselves with integrity.
2.3.9 Accept legitimate punishment and disciplinary action taken against them as being
fair, reasonable and rehabilitative.
2.3.10 Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the opportunity to learn and be diligent in
their efforts to learn.
2.3.11 Conduct themselves within the policies, codes and rules of the school, whether described in this code of conduct or any other policy or rule implemented by the school.
2.4 It is the responsibility of parents/guardians/sponsors to:
2.4.1 Familiarise himself/herself with the contents of the code of conduct and to ensure that the code of conduct is properly understood by the learners.
2.4.2 Participate in the learning process and assist their children with homework, provide encouragement, check results and communicate freely with the school.
2.4.3 Sign a copy of the acknowledgment attached as Addendum A to this policy confirming that he/she has received a copy of this code of conduct and do what is practically possible.
2.4.4 Actively support the efforts of the school and its educators to teach their children.
2.4.5 Involve themselves to the fullest possible extent in school activities.
2.4.6 Make positive suggestions and contributions to improve the school’s education process and the learning environment.
2.4.7 Work with the school to overcome any learner behaviour which negatively impacts
on the learning environment.
2.4.8 Support the disciplinary structures and procedures of the school in the interest of
maintaining an orderly and positive learning environment.
2.4.9 Encourage their children to participate fully in the school and extra-curricular activities.
2.4.10 Ensure that learners are in attendance at all compulsory attendance functions and
activities and that school timekeeping requirements are observed.
2.4.11 Keep them informed about their child’s progress and behaviour as reflected on progress reports.
2.4.12 Inform the school in writing of any changes in their contact details.
2.4.13 Ensure that school and other fees are paid timeously.

Every learner at the school is bound by this code of conduct.
3.1 General rules
3.1.1 Learners shall support the executive head and members of staff to establish and maintain good order and an environment and conditions in which the process of teaching and learning can take place. In particular, learners shall be required to obey and promptly carry out any instructions reasonably given by the executive head, any educator or class leader to this end.
3.1.2 In their dealings with one another, learners shall be required to show mutual respect and tolerance. In particular, learners shall refrain from any conduct calculated to harm the physical, mental or moral welfare of any other learners, or which may have that result.
3.1.3 Destiny Charter Schools managed schools are smoking free, drug free, alcohol free, weapon free, gun free and gambling free zones.
3.1.4 Educators have the right to make and display rules regarding classroom conduct in their own classrooms and insofar as these rules do not interfere with this code of conduct, school rules or the rights of the learners, learners must adhere to these rules.
3.1.5 The rules regarding property are applicable to all school property which includes: The land and buildings occupied by the school and any permanent or relatively permanent fixture or fitting on or in such land or buildings, including equipment, computers, books, materials, motor vehicles and the like, owned by the school, hired by the school or stored by the school, the property of members of staff, fellow learners, visitors to the school and others. These rules apply to property on the school premises, in the vicinity of the school, at or in the vicinity of the venue of any school activity, as well as any mode of transport conveying learners to or from school or school activities.
3.1.6 The school and Destiny Charter Schools reserves the right to take disciplinary action against a learner for misconduct that took place 'off-site', e.g. after school hours and/or off school premises, and/or which may have a negative impact on the school and/or other learners as a result.
3.1.7 Every learner has a right to education and the school respects this right.
3.1.8 Registers must be kept to record the learner attendance in every class.
3.1.9 Although the school will make an attempt to make parents/guardians aware of any notices issued to learners through SMS, email or My Hub, it is the responsibility of the learners to ensure that parents/guardians receive notices.
3.1.10 Different schools managed by Destiny Charter Schools have different school uniforms and different rules apply.